I had an MPAC person stop by my project, Tiny House Ontario a few days ago.  If you don’t know, these are the tax assessors that ensure that the people of Ontario pay their fair share of taxes. I am not opposed to paying my fair share of tax, what I oppose is the way that […]

Thanks to Jennafer who told me about this product which is just about ready to go.  If this would have been available for THO I would have considered them.  To put this in perspective, a solar panel the size of my roof would easily give me enough power for heating, cooling and cooking.  Talk about […]

Massive Tiny Dreams

Catch an extreme downsizing story early. “We decided that it absolutely would be possible to live in the camper as long as we had some sort of office. We would figure it out.  We could make it work. We started the process of shedding our belongings in mid January.  We started dividing our stuff into […]

Issue 53 – May 2, 2010

Tiny House Living is a regular newsletter on tiny houses, simple living, and sustainable architecture that comes out pretty much every Sunday. For more tiny house news and information you can also follow us on at our Tiny House Design Facebook Page, Twitter and by Subscribing by Email. Read Now… Tiny House Living – Issue […]

Tammy & Logan on Peak Moment Television

Tammy and Logan talk about the reasons they chose to live a simple minimalist life with the folks from Peak Moment Television. One of the side effects of living a simple, car-free life has been complete debt reduction and the savings to build their own tiny home. Tammy & Logan on Peak Moment Television

Greg Johnson Featured in Natural Home Magazine

Greg Johnson, co-founder of the Small House Society and author of Put Your Life On a Diet is featured in the current issue of Natural Home Magazine. It’s always great to see tiny houses and the folks that exemplify the virtues of simple living spotlighted in main stream publications. Greg Johnson Featured in Natural Home […]

Old Fashion Simple Living

This isn’t really about a tiny house but instead old-fashion simple living. Dick and Bonnie Cain live out in a remote part of West Texas without running water, electricity, or any other modern amenities. They live like folks used to live back in the 1800s and their story is really inspiring. YouTube: Pioneer Couple

The Great Escape

It’s always exciting and inspiring to find someone else taking the leap into simple living. James and Kristen have begun to build custom designed tiny house on a trailer. Their blog contains many details on their research and the challenges they’ve been facing along the way. The Great Escape

Steven’s Summer Project and Open House

I’ve been following Steven’s summer project closely and he’s been posting more and more detail photos of his unique tiny house. Pictured here is a skylight. He’s also just installed a custom built shower pan and composting toilet. If you’re anywhere near Audubon, Iowa and don’t have plans for the weekend be sure to stop […]

Shipping Container House

Here’s a very nice little house just outside Bangkok, Thailand that was build from two 20-foot shipping containers. It was designed to withstand the hot humid climate and features a roof that floats above the main living area keeping the heat off the house. I’ve seen more and more homes use this simple trick to […]

Jay Shafer on the CBS News

It’s always exciting to see someone from the small house movement in the main stream media. Here’s an example of CBS News telling the story of Jay’s cross country trip this past summer. Jay Shafer on the CBS News