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For six months, Granary Row become a pop-up neighborhood– flanked by 2 lanes of traffic — where fledgling entrepreneurs could get a start (year one saw clothing stores, a bike shop, an art gallery and a local humane society), food trucks parked, affordable shipping container micro-housing was displayed and the neighborhood got to know each other better.” – Kirsten at FiarCompanies.com

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Retail Shops - Granary Row Pop-Up Neighborhood Dining - Granary Row Pop-Up Neighborhood Shops at night - Granary Row Pop-Up Neighborhood Dining at night - Granary Row Pop-Up Neighborhood

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This isn’t a tiny container home, but there will probably be many lessons learned & shared by these folks that could help future tiny container owner-builders.

Today started with snow and ended with cutting the first hole out of our containers. We cut out the guest bathroom window and put in the frame… The frame fit perfectly on the left and right side but the corrugation messed up our cutting line and so we have some gaps in the top and bottom which we will fill.” – Ryan at 40×28.com

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The Shipping Container Home was still a new concept when Chrissie designed and built this prototype for her Architectural Thesis project. The home is made from a 20′ container and “expands” to be a 250sq.ft living space. When the home is not in use, or for shipping, the “rooms” slide into the container on tracks; a process that takes one person about three minutes.” - Chrissie Beavis

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At just over 600 square feet this design isn’t tiny – but a great idea for outdoor living and something similar could be done with 20-foot containers.

Two 40ft containers set parallel to each other, separating the living from the sleeping and in doing so, forming a private entertaining courtyard. The Trinidad makes the most of a small space, maximising indoor-outdoor flow.” - Cubular Container Buildings

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Before our container began its new life as a guest house in our yard, it trucked pineapples around Hawai’i. Everyone who sees it thinks that it’s pretty amazing…

The Big Yellow container is comfortably nestled in our fenced backyard and is conveniently located between the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods in Seattle.” - VRBO

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Container House on VBRO - exterior

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The premade container home maker Cargotecture now offers a prefab home that is a perfect way to downsize yet retain the comforts of living in a larger space. The c-series 640 Lookout model measures 640 square feet, and features a large living area with a kitchen, a spacious bedroom and bathroom, a media room and a lofted sleeping area for guests…” – Jetson Green

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Container Cabin Brainstorming

This is just a little design exploration for how one might finish out a shipping container as a home.  Some of the issues I’m noodling-through are:

  1. Should a side door be cut into the container and how does that make the floor plan more flexible?
  2. Should the bathroom be placed at one end or in the middle?
  3. Should custom built-in beds be fabricated or can standard beds and bunk beds be used just as efficiently?
  4. How many beds can be placed inside a 20-foot shipping container and still have space for a micro kitchen and bathroom?

Not sure where this design exploration is going yet, but I’m having fun thinking about what can fit inside the box.

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Liberty 200 is designed as an off-grid unit and comes with off grid packages: composting toilet, solar PV and solar thermal, battery bank and internal water tank. Liberty 200 includes a 40 sf exterior deck space. The indoor area is 160 sf.” - MEKA

Learn more about the Liberty 200

Meka -  Micro Liberty 200

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When you leave for work and want to lock your doors, you simply push the button again and the home is protected by it’s steel shell. One side of the container is populated predominately with floor-to-ceiling windows, bathing the interior with natural light on the cloudiest of days. The other side of the container is dedicated to the kitchen and storage space. There is also a bathroom with an open shower, sink and composting toilet.” – Niall

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A Transforming Shipping Container House - open  A Transforming Shipping Container House - closing

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The Forge system offers the flexibility of an open plan space that can accommodate a setout to suit your needs and budget, and to help get you started, our plans offer a popular “bed and bathroom” setup. So whether you have the hankering for a live-in arrangement, or the simple comforts of a sofa and TV, your space is only a fit-out away – your way.” - containerplan.com

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