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The new residence was designed and situated to take the best possible advantage of the natural beauty of it’s remote island location. Materials were transported by barge and offloaded by crane. Trees that were removed from the property for construction were recycled and now serve as finished support posts for the home; beams were made to spec by a local sawyer on BC’s Sunshine Coast. ” - Quantum Construction

Learn more about this British Columbia Sleeper Cabin

Remote Island Sleeper Cabin in British Columbia - Porch

Remote Island Sleeper Cabin in British Columbia - Interior

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Here’s another mystery tiny house from Flickr. It looks like they used a lot of reclaimed and found material like the old doors & windows, and variety of siding. Another notable feature is that it sits high above the ground on a steep slope… which must have needed some extra attention to build on that site. This house is part of a larger photo set that includes another interesting looking natural house. Photo by faythelevine.


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Here’s an example or extreme prefab… pre-build the whole house and fly it in.

“In remote lake-and-hill country within Switzerland, building on site is often not an option – some spots are, at best, accessible only by motorcycle, small car or boat. This house was dropped off and installed in record speed.”

Read more about this Helicoptered Home: Flown Micro-Prefab Set Up in 5 Minutes | Designs & Ideas on Dornob.

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One of the tiny house projects I’ve been following this past year is the cabin nicknamed Yonderosa. The latest blog post is a great summary of all the progress made on this tiny house in a remote spot up in eastern Washington.

Yonderosa Update

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Australia outback tiny houseRemote cabins often need clever solutions for securing them while the owner is away. Here’s a great solution for an isolated home. It’s a 10′ by 10′ two-story prefab house with a rainwater collection system and metal flip-up siding. It’s located in Australia. Great design and definitely has a lot of potential for sparking the imagination.

Tiny House in the Outback

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yonderosaProgress at Yonderosa is coming along nicely. I bet they’ll have their little cabin finished in no time now. The interior still needs work but as you can see the exterior is nearly complete. See the latest update at Yonderosa. Learn more about this cabin in eastern Washington.

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fire lookout towerWhen I was a kid I can remember my dad telling me about fire lookout towers and how he had once imagined a career as a forest ranger and what it might be like to spend a summer in a remote one-room tower. My dad didn’t follow his forestry passion and instead become a child psychiatrist. Ironically both my brothers ended up in careers closer to forestry. So this post is for my dad, enjoy!

Fire Lookout Towers
Cabin Modeled After Fire Tower
Learn more about fire lookout towers

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yonderosa-tiny-house-constructionThis is a wonderful story of a remote tiny house under construction. Now that the snow has melted construction has resumed and their blog is getting updated regularly with photos of the amazing property. Be sure to check out Yonderosa.