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Fully functional sculptural tiny house.

“Take one very creative and patient lady and millions of little pieces of tile and look what happens.  When my husband was in his 20′s he had the opportunity to help her with a few projects.  I especially love the planter women she made.  Someday I envision an outdoor bread oven shaped like one of these lovely ladies.”

via The “Dome Lady” Tile House | Homestead Style.


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Clothesline Tiny Homes makes a big move.

“The trip from Prescott, AZ to Santa Fe is just under 500 miles and typically takes about 8 hours but it took us close to 12.  Of course, some of this time was giving impromptu tours whenever we stopped to gas up!  I was not expecting this, but there was a lot of interest in the Tiny House.”

via Clothesline Tiny Home moved successfully to Santa Fe! « Clothesline Tiny Homes.

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Libby and Tristan are building this lightweight (1000 pound) tiny house with a budget of $1,500 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They plan to move into it this summer and make a move to New England. Most tiny houses are very heavy, much heavier than normal travel trailers. This project is extremely interesting because it pushes the envelope on how much can be done with little money and less weight. I’m certain their work will inspire many others to build similarly lightweight tiny homes. You can follow their progress on their blog called, Whittled Down.

Contemporary Prairie Schooner

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This is little adobe house in northern New Mexico is a bit bigger than tiny at 700 square feet; but I have a special place in my heart for nice little adobe homes so I wanted to be sure to share it with you this week.

Rina Steen’s Adobe House

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adobe casitaOne of my readers on Tiny House Design sent me this very nicely done adobe casita near Abiquiu, New Mexico. Three months out of the year Samuel Grey lives in this tiny house. In a few years this will be his full-time home.

Adobe Casita

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phoenix-earthship-taos-new-mexicoRecently Stephanie at Coming Unmoored visited the Phoenix Earthship in Taos, New Mexico. Earthships were born out of the imagination and ingenuity of Mike Reynolds. These homes are build from tires, dirt, and natural and recycled materials. They are passive solar and use thermal mass to regulate temperature. You can learn more at the Earthship website and read about Stephanie’s stay at the Phoenix Earthship. Technically this is not a tiny house but this would be a wonderful way to build a tiny house.