It all started with a wildly imaginative dream, sketched on a cocktail napkin one summer night in 2011. Chris and Kristen wanted to design a boat to use as a creative outlet and a place for entertaining summer guests. Never mind the fact that neither had experience with boat building. The couple, artists and gallery […]

Currently moored in East London on the Grand Union Canal, the narrowboat living space is a teeny 36 feet in length and 6 foot 2 width. Having first been constructed in the 1970’s, the boat has been lovingly stripped back to it’s original shell and restored from scratch. With the layout being as open plan […]

Space-Age Floating Pod

Extreme floating tiny house that would make James Bond feel at home. “The Anthenea measures just 4.6m in diameter and is made from fibreglass. A hydraulic jack opens the main door, but one of the most striking features is the glass bottom, which allows you to admire marine life close-up. ‘It’s very relaxing,’ says Ducancelle. […]

Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave Civilization Behind

This design concept has some extreme ideas for self-sufficient living. “No Land In Sight is a student project from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. It explores the relationship between adventuring humans and the sea, examining exactly how a long-term sea journey would play out practically and technologically.” via Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave […]

Ten super-cool tiny houses, shelters, treehouses, and houseboats…

Deek assembled a little collection of tiny space eye candy. This A-frame is my favorite. “These are posted here for the simple sake of some inspirational eye candy- the reason there are no interiors, and such.” via Ten super-cool tiny houses, shelters, treehouses, and houseboats….