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Little-Red-Cabin-450x337Kent at Tiny House Blog has been assembling a great resource page of tiny house plans. One of the newest additions is this Little Red Cabin which was featured in his Little House in a Landscape series.

Little Red Cabin Plans

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sonoma shanty garden officeKent Griswold has setup a website dedicated to the Sonoma Shanty. You can buy a kit or finished house from Stephen Marshall at Little House on the Trailer or the plans from Kent at Sonoma Shanty. Kent has posted several larger views of the plans themselves at Sonoma Shanty for those of you that want to get a closer look at the plans. Here is a recent testimony by Nick from Indiana who bought the plans:

I have to say I am rather impressed with the plans, the ability to mix ease of construction and functionality in this design is really pretty amazing. Example, using the 12/12 roof, provides simple construction and yields sufficient loft space. You’ve also eliminated the need for a birds mouth. These are all things a person new to construction would likely mess up. For those of us who have previously built such things, the elimination and simplification of these adds significant time savings, less room for error and waste, and ease of assembly. I am very satisfied with the plans.

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start living in a tiny houseJames King, another tiny house advocate, wrote up this great article on wikiHow about how to start living in a tiny house. Here is a summary of the steps in the article:

1. Do your research
2. Decide what you need from your dwelling
3. Look at the benefits of living small
4. Realize that small houses cost more per square feet than large houses
5. Decide if you will build your own home from plans
6. Pare down your belongings
7. Be creative about storage and multi-function furniture

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    sonoma-shantyKent Griswold and Stephen Marshall recently announced some pricing on the new Sonoma Shanty tiny house. Their idea is to make tiny houses more attainable and affordable.

    Do-it-yourselfers would probably prefer a set of plans or a kit. Those wanting more construction experience might want to take their tiny house construction workshop. Other folks might just want an affordable turn-key tiny house. All these options are available and you can see the initial price list on Tiny House Design.

    Prices and details may change in the future so be sure to visit Kent’s Tiny House Blog and Stephen’s Little House on the Trailer for the most current information and pricing.

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    sonoma-shanty-tiny-houseKent Griswold and Stephen Marshall have been colaborating on a tiny house solution called the Sonoma Shanty. It’s a simple 8′ by 15′ tiny house that is easy to build and low-cost. Kent will soon be making the plans available for sale through his website and Stephen will be hosting regular full-day workshops where you’ll learn to build a Sonoma Shanty. Stephen will also be offering a kit version of the house and complete finished houses too. To learn more about the Sonoma Shanty visit Kent’s Tiny House Blog and Stephen’s Little House on the Trailer.