Two years ago I downsized from a 2-bedroom bungalow to a tiny house on wheels. A year ago I downsized again to a 12-ft diameter yurt and embarked upon My 200 Things Challenge. These days I live in a 130 square foot tiny house on wheels and I’ve made space-efficient housing both my livelihood and […]

Calgary Family Trades in Spacious Home for Tiny House

More extreme downsizing stories hitting the main stream media. Be sure to cast your vote in the survey at the bottom of the linked article. “A Calgary family is building a tiny new abode on wheels that holds roughly 300 square feet of living space. Kirsten Shaw and Michael Hunt plan to pull up stakes […]

Tips for Downsizing into a Smaller Kitchen

Here’s a short article with tips for downsizing into smaller kitchens. “Kitchens come in sizes big and small and often, kitchen size doesnt always correlate with how large or small the rest of the house is. Here are some of the most important elements that every kitchen needs to keep organized and functional.” via Downsizing […]

Massive Tiny Dreams

Catch an extreme downsizing story early. “We decided that it absolutely would be possible to live in the camper as long as we had some sort of office. We would figure it out.  We could make it work. We started the process of shedding our belongings in mid January.  We started dividing our stuff into […]

Deciding to Make a Trailer My Home

A story of extreme downsizing under duress… with a happy ending. “I had two weeks to make this 450 square foot aluminum tube livable. My wonderful friends helped me around the clock – sorting, organizing and selling my things, painting every interior surface of the trailer, replacing all the flooring, and moving me in.” Read […]

Newton Wells and his Tiny House

A fellow named Newton Wells is building a 425 square-foot house in Vermont. He’s sold his big house and is nearing completion of this simple home. Read the about Newton’s downsizing story and watch this tiny house news video.

Downsizing Trend Continues

Here’s another story of people finding happiness is a small space. Sasha and John live in this 480 square foot home in Toronto. After living in a small apartment for 10 years they were ready to buy a home and resisted the natural temptation to buy more. Now they are reaping the rewards of living […]

Bush Babes – New Zealand

This is an incredible story about the Long family who lives a two-day walk off-the-grid. By every measure this is an extreme example of how off the beaten track one could choose to live. I’m not suggesting that this family’s lifestyle is ideal but their example does stretch the imagination. Watch the Bush Babes – […]


This is a model of a house currently under construction in Colorado by Ann Holley, an Alfred University graduate student. Alfred University is located in upstate New York and has a great graduate art program. The house has been built with sustainability in mind and will be off-the-grid and powered by wind and solar. Read […]

Greentainer – Shipping Container Homes

This is a clever way to reuse an old shipping container. The original wall panels have been cut out and replaced with windows. I suspect this would not work in all climates but is definitely in innovate way to break free of the metal box aesthetic most shipping container homes seem stuck with. Learn more […]

Clever Kitchen

This really caught my eye; it’s a pull-out multi-function kitchen cabinet.It was designed by Melanie Olle and Ilja Oelschlägel and is called Oma’s Rache, or Grandma’s revenge in english. It’s a reinterpretation of grandma’s good old multi-purpose kitchen cabinet. It measures a little over 8-feet tall, 2-feet deep, and 6.5-feet wide. Read more about this […]