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From time to time, Dee Williams does a possession count. The last tally was 305… When your house is 84 square feet, life gets pared down.” - NYTimes.com

Read the complete article, Square Feet: 84. Possessions: 305. at The New York Times. A new tiny house book, The Big Tiny by Dee Williams, is launching soon with a book tour. Visit Dee Williams’s website for book tour locations and dates.

Photo credit to NYTimes.com.

Dee Williams Tiny House and Garden

Inside Dee Williams Tiny Home

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My wife and I have a 20ft x 8.5ft home built on a trailer that we are putting up for sale. We built it and have lived in it for a year and a half. It is licensed as a “homemade RV” and has license plates. The home is wonderful, we really enjoy it but, surprisingly have decided to move into something smaller.” – Tiny House Listings

See more about this Tiny House, and Moving Into Something Smaller.

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Two years ago I downsized from a 2-bedroom bungalow to a tiny house on wheels. A year ago I downsized again to a 12-ft diameter yurt and embarked upon My 200 Things Challenge. These days I live in a 130 square foot tiny house on wheels and I’ve made space-efficient housing both my livelihood and my lifestyle…

Now I’m excited to offer a 1-day Tiny House Design Workshop to help people new to design capture their tiny homes and a Decluttering Workshop series to share the tips and tricks that have helped me in my right-sizing journey.” – Lina

Continue reading to learn more about Lina’s workshop…

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More extreme downsizing stories hitting the main stream media. Be sure to cast your vote in the survey at the bottom of the linked article.

“A Calgary family is building a tiny new abode on wheels that holds roughly 300 square feet of living space.

Kirsten Shaw and Michael Hunt plan to pull up stakes in Calgary in the spring and drive with one son through the United States for a year.”

via Calgary family trades in spacious home for tiny house – Calgary – CBC News.

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Here’s a short article with tips for downsizing into smaller kitchens.

“Kitchens come in sizes big and small and often, kitchen size doesnt always correlate with how large or small the rest of the house is. Here are some of the most important elements that every kitchen needs to keep organized and functional.”

via Downsizing Design: Tips for Moving to a Smart Stylish Smaller Kitchen | Apartment Therapy.

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Catch an extreme downsizing story early.

“We decided that it absolutely would be possible to live in the camper as long as we had some sort of office. We would figure it out.  We could make it work.

We started the process of shedding our belongings in mid January.  We started dividing our stuff into categories.”

via Massive Tiny Dreams | Big dreams of tiny living.

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A story of extreme downsizing under duress… with a happy ending.

“I had two weeks to make this 450 square foot aluminum tube livable. My wonderful friends helped me around the clock – sorting, organizing and selling my things, painting every interior surface of the trailer, replacing all the flooring, and moving me in.”

Read more about Deciding to Make a Trailer My Home.

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ProtoHausThis is a model of a house currently under construction in Colorado by Ann Holley, an Alfred University graduate student. Alfred University is located in upstate New York and has a great graduate art program. The house has been built with sustainability in mind and will be off-the-grid and powered by wind and solar. Read more about it on Tiny House Blog, RowdyKittens, and the ProtoHaus Project website.