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Steve Areen, a world traveler who has been visiting remote locations around the world, decided to put down a few roots in northeast Thailand. These roots grew into one of the most beautiful dome homes you may ever see. This work of art (that only cost $9,000 to build) sits in the middle of a mango farm that belongs to Steve’s friend Hajjar Gibran.” – Kent


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Here’s an unusual approach that combines a couple of building techniques.

“The dome is built from reclaimed and earthen materials and according to Jeffrey ‘this project started with the idea, that if we reduce the amount of space we live in, we are forced to utilize outside space more.’”

Learn more about this Tiny Earthen Dome Home.

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As someone with a background in ceramics it always makes me happy to find another potter building a tiny house. Most people don’t know this but potters tend to be Jack & Jill’s of all trades because of the diverse set of skills needed to be a ceramic artist. This is totally evident in this concrete block dome house build by Alfred University graduate Peter Roberts.

A Potter’s House

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zendome_1Based in Berlin ZENDOME manufactures the cool geodesic dome pictured here. They are priced a bit on the premium side and not exactly meant to be a year round home but seeing their great photos reminded me of the wonderful advantages of a dome home.

So then I did a quick search for a Ashland, Oregon based dome manufacturer I’d run across in the past called Pacific Domes. These folks make some very nice livable dome kits in addition to the kinds of domes ZENDOME makes. The skins are also textile based but some insulation and weather-proofing options are available. If you’ve often wondered what a small cabin dome home would be like be sure to check out Pacific Domes.

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Dome home by architect Manuel VillaDesigned by architect Manuel Villa this little house was built to augment a larger home on the outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia. I really like the out-of-the-box design and the idea of a tiny dome home. Photo credit to Manuel Villa. I first spotted this on RowdyKittens.

Dome Home