Here’s a great budget-minded (and portable, quick, easy to install) idea… a YURT that’s a tree house! This one is a 12′ diameter model from a company called Yurts Of America…. who have a some pretty drool worthy photos over at” – Deek Read and see more at…

Chris’ home was originally built from “Bodega” plans from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, but he then tweaked the plans to fit his needs and style a little, and in some cases, to conform to a few more local codes. In the end run, it worked out great, and his place is legit and legal […]

This 227 Square Foot Modern House, located in Western Massachusetts was something I had a chance to visit just the other weekend, and was it ever filled with some great design ideas! I have a TON of photos coming soon, AND a video tour (two actually), but wanted to share with you this simple tiny […]

Dustin and I recently embarked on a photo and video road trip through New England. Our VERY FIRST stop, up in South Londonderry, VT was Domenic Mangano’s “Jamaica Cottage Shop”, and man oh man, was his spread impressive- something like 20+ sheds, cottages, cabins, and more.” – Derek “Deek” Diedricksen Read and see more at […]

 I shot this tour a ways back, and a few others, for HGTV’s series “Extreme Small Spaces”. While some of the places we toured have been featured, as video walk throughs before, I hadn’t seen this one covered, well, until we launched this video a ways back. Tim Seggerman’s the idea-guy behind this remodel, and […]

This wall was ENTIRELY made from free, found, and salvaged material. EVEN the cedar 2by4 studs on the back wall were rescued from a mill that was going to toss them. The idea with our “Operation: Use It Up!” side mission was to take everyday scraps and junk, and see what could be made with […]

A ways back, well, quite a ways back now, I was sent out to San Francisco as a guest speaker for a really fun Tumbleweed Tiny House Company workshop, where I later had the chance to take a side trip to the Sonoma County Fair (Huge!) with a few of the TW Crew- Meg Stephens, […]

…Here’s a sneak peak on the tree house I just built for a client- we shot a full video on this as well- showing how I used a ton of recycled and free materials in the build…. This is another micro structure that will be featured in the wild array of tiny houses, cabins, tree […]

Here’s a final update on photos I took (with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC G6- which I LOVE!) of my little cabin in Vermont- one that was framed as part of 2012’s “Tiny House Summer Camp” up in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom. We will have another workshop like this, off grid, in the […]

First off, having left Boulder, Colorado a mere two days before the flooding and devastation began, its been sad to hear of how bad things have been out there and I hope all are well and safe in the wake of all the mayhem that region has been dealing with. Just the other weekend I […]

From this angle my little cabin in the woods DOES somewhat resemble a mushroom, with its top heavy, large-overhang roof n’ all …and you thought this post had something to do with drugs!? tisk, tisk.” – Deek

I just love this simple shot I took of the interior of my tiny, tiny, tiny house on wheels- well, more like a camper or cabin for now- “The Cub”. It will have another bed/bench/storage combo set-up down below soon, a small bathroom/toilet area on the tongue of the trailer, and a few other add-ons, […]

ANYWAY, I LOVE THIS! I have a plan in my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” that is semi-similar in approach, in that it uses MANY free and recycled doors as its wall panels, but this a great twist, and something I’ve contemplated before as well. I love A-frames, and love freebie construction materials, so this one’s a no […]

HANDS-ON BUILDING AND DESIGNING- TINY HOUSE WORKSHOP #5 (with an emphasis on budget and recycled-material building) WE WILL ALL BUILD A TINY STRUCTURE TOGETHER! November 15-16-17 Canton, MA As featured on NPR,, The Boston Globe, Make Magazine…

 I had a chance to hang with two great guys the other weekend- Lloyd Kahn (from Shelter Publications- Author of “Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter”, and Kent Griswold, of I had hung/met with both of these guys separately before, so it was great to catch up and “talk shop”. Inside the offices of “Shelter Publications”- home-run, on […]

Here’s a great shot from ONE of MANY cabins that the Blue Moon Rising tiny house compound (a retreat and educational center) has on its property. You can rent these out to get a taste for tiny house and cabin living- perhaps to see if its right for you/feasible. I really think this is a […]

On my way to Acadia Maine I made the family roadster take a u-turn so I could hop out and shoot a few photos of these great looking little cabins/tiny houses at the Sunset Motel/Motor Lodge in Ellsworth, Maine.

What the heck!?? You know those front porch posts, most commonly seen in the tiny house world on the Tumbleweed Fencl models? Well, here’s the style post I’ll be getting when I work on another custom tiny house design and build down the road.

Today’s post/discussion is on hardware, most specifically door knobs. I just recently flew out to San Francisco for a guest speaking gig at a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop to talk about recycled-material building- a means to keep a vast array of material out of landfills, and a vast array of cash IN your wallet. It […]

I’m bringing this one back, as I look through my saved sketches from my oooooold school book/zine titled “Quick Camps And Leg Cramps”- two versions of this mini book were self-released long ago (only about 200 copies in all), and are now out of print. I WILL re-release the book at some point- probably in […]