Small Space Living in a Cube

Tiny box living inside a larger space. It’s kind of like thinking of a whole tiny house as built-in furniture. Cool. “san francisco-based architecture, interior design and feng shui firm spaceflavor developed ‘cube’ –¬† a compact mobile dwelling that¬†cohesively combines the living and working requirements of its client, renowned feng shui practioner liu ming.” via […]

Solar-Powered Green Microhouse

I really love cube shaped tiny houses as long as they have some kind of pitched roof. I realize that technically the addition of a pitched roof means they are not really cube shaped but for me pitched roofs are a requirement. So when I saw this solar cube I was really impressed. I suspect […]


Kent Griswold and I were chatting the other day about our tiny house blogs and sharing our recent learnings about popular posts. We’ve both noticed that for some reason cube shaped tiny houses grab a lot of people’s attention. Alex over at Shedworking posted this tiny cube shaped tiny garden office this past week and […]

Steven’s Summer Project

Steven Klocke has been making steady progress on his extreme tiny house. The modular components are coming together quite nicely and he’s worked out most of the assembly and construction bugs. Now completing the rest of the components will be easier. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of this little building outside in the sunlight. […]

Unusual Cube

This is a drawing of a tiny house currently under construction. Instead of normal walls this builder is constructing six box-like structures and connecting them in an unusual cube shape. It might not be the most efficient way to enclose space but it is one of the more interesting designs I’ve seen in a while. […]

Next Generation House

This is a tiny house concept by Sou Fujimoto Architects. It’s designed for weekend use and is a cube 4x4x4 meters in size. The structure is built from cedar blocks held together by verticle metal cables that run through holes in the blocks. The interior is unlike any house you’ve ever seen. For the complete […]