By using reclaimed materials, passive solar-heating, and efficient appliances, our homes are built to coexist with the environment. We loved finding materials that were unique: wood that nobdy wanted, but that contained incredible colors when polished properly. Little vintage RV stoves that fit perfectly in our tiny space. Reclaimed barn roofing that gave siding style […]

Tiny House in a Landscape – Leadville, Colorado.

A tiny cabin spotted in Leadville, Colorado. “This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was photographed by Kasey March who is the copy editor for the Tiny House Blog.” Take a closer look at this Tiny House in a Landscape.

Christopher & Merete’s Tiny Home Tour

The interior details of Christopher and Merete’s completed tiny house can now be seen. Looks amazing. “Christopher and Merete own a tiny house on some of the most beautiful land in Colorado. One hundred miles southwest of Denver, fifteen minutes down a gravel road just outside Hartsel, sits a 127 square foot home. It’s cozy, efficient […]

GreenOx Sheds for Tiny Houses

A new prefab shed on the market that might make a good tiny house. This one is only 8×8 but other models are said to be coming soon. This one was spotted at a Lowes in Colorado. “The price for that 8×8 model is $2,800. A bit pricy maybe but a trade off with ease […]

Mobile Log Cabins

One of my readers, Schaun, saw one of these rolling down the highway in Colorado and later sent me a tip on this tiny house manufacturer. They don’t provide a lot of information on their website but they the cabins look like the real deal mounted on something like a mobile home trailer. So for […]

Earthbag Glorieta

Kelly Hart posted the story behind the earthbag house that’s featured in the header of his blog, Earthbag Building Blog. It’s a Glorieta, a glorified gazebo of sorts, that was built during a workshop back in 2003 in Crestone, Colorado. Local materials, including the dirt around the house, was used to construct this little building. […]

ProtoHaus Progressing

Ann Holley’s tiny house project is coming along nicely. With the help of her family and fiance she is building a tiny house in Colorado with the plan of moving it to Alfred, New York where it will serve as their home while attending graduate school. Tiny ProtoHaus in a Landscape also see the ProtoHaus […]

Portable Log Cabins

Forrest Classics Log Homes in Colorado builds tiny log cabins on trailers. They don’t just look like traditional log cabins, they are log cabins. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the photos because those things must weigh a ton! As it turns out they weigh 5 tons and the trailer has […]