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We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs Colorado that will speed up delivery times while reducing delivery expenses to the Midwest and Western United States. Up until now we have delivered over 100 trailers as far west as Nevada and as far north as Maine…” – Dan Louche at Tiny Home Builders

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By using reclaimed materials, passive solar-heating, and efficient appliances, our homes are built to coexist with the environment. We loved finding materials that were unique: wood that nobdy wanted, but that contained incredible colors when polished properly. Little vintage RV stoves that fit perfectly in our tiny space. Reclaimed barn roofing that gave siding style and color, found nowhere else. We thrive on the unique details that go into our tiny homes, because detail is everything to tiny home owners.” – Spice Box Homes

Learn more about Spice Box Homes

Spice Box Homes - Interior

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The ProtoHaus has proven to be a truly portable home, making several cross country journeys. The couple originally built the home during a summer on her parents’ property in Colorado. They then drove it 1,500 miles to Alfred, New York where they lived in it for a year while Holley was in grad school. Then they drove it back to Colorado where they parked it on a traditional lot in Longmont, Colorado.” – FairCompanies.com

More about this Colorado portable tiny house on YouTube.

Visit the Protohaus website…

The ProtoHaus on the road The ProtoHaus - Kitchen The ProtoHaus - Fireplace The ProtoHaus - Cozy

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Over the last few days the idea of being a tiny houser who lives in an ever commercialized and material world has been on my mind. This is because Steven Harrell wrote to me with the tidy heading “cultivating contentment” after he published my last article at Tiny House Listings.

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The interior details of Christopher and Merete’s completed tiny house can now be seen. Looks amazing.

“Christopher and Merete own a tiny house on some of the most beautiful land in Colorado. One hundred miles southwest of Denver, fifteen minutes down a gravel road just outside Hartsel, sits a 127 square foot home. It’s cozy, efficient and costs hardly anything to power, but most importantly: it’s theirs. Christopher always wanted to own a home in the mountains but never realized how near the possibility was until he started reading about the ‘Tiny House Movement’.”

See more: Christopher & Merete’s Truly Tiny Home on the Range House Tour | Apartment Therapy.


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A new prefab shed on the market that might make a good tiny house. This one is only 8×8 but other models are said to be coming soon. This one was spotted at a Lowes in Colorado.

“The price for that 8×8 model is $2,800. A bit pricy maybe but a trade off with ease of assembly and insulation factor. I am sure the fire proof shell adds to that cost. With all of our dead pine trees and already dry summer, the fire proofing is getting a lot of talk here in the dry West.”

Read more about GreenOx Sheds for Tiny Houses.

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One of my readers, Schaun, saw one of these rolling down the highway in Colorado and later sent me a tip on this tiny house manufacturer.

They don’t provide a lot of information on their website but they the cabins look like the real deal mounted on something like a mobile home trailer. So for someone looking for a turn-key log cabin this might be an excellent option. Thanks again Schaun!

Mobile Log Cabins

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Kelly Hart posted the story behind the earthbag house that’s featured in the header of his blog, Earthbag Building Blog. It’s a Glorieta, a glorified gazebo of sorts, that was built during a workshop back in 2003 in Crestone, Colorado. Local materials, including the dirt around the house, was used to construct this little building.

Earthbag Glorieta