International Shed of the Year 2009 winner

Chuck Witmer of Silver Spring, MD built this backyard woodshop and painting studio. You can see more photos of it on Flickr, read the complete story on Shedblog and Shedworking.

Help Design The Next Shedworking Headquarters

Alex over at Shedworking needs a new shed office. He moved recently and had to leave his writing shed behind. He’s now planning his new shed and has invited people to contribute designs.  Continue Reading… I’ve also posted 10 simple ideas and a Google SketchUp file over at Tiny House Design in case you’d like […]

Shed Cluster Concept

This is a very simple design concept that isn’t exactly new, but worth sharing. Basically it’s just a cluster of habitable sheds. Each one would serve a specific function or set of functions like office, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. In many communities tiny out-buildings like these don’t require a building permit to construct, so as […]

A Weekend of Sheds at Shedworking

Backyard home-office sheds have been covered a lot in the media recently. Alex at Shedworking wrote up this nice summary of the sheds popping up all over the UK. With more people working in remote locations, like me, sheds and backyard tiny houses are becoming more and more popular.