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The homes, all built on wheels, range in size from small boxes that are just big enough to sleep in, to larger structures that you can stand up in. Despite the attention, Kloehn downplays what he’s doing, arguing that his structures are just an upgrade on the many lean-tos and improvised structures homeless people make for themselves.” - KQED

Read more about Oakland Artist Crafts Homes for Those Who Have None

Gregory Kloehn's Chuckwagon

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This tiny floating house actually the artwork of Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong. One of my readers, Mark, passed this onto me and I have to say it gave me quite a good laugh. The air conditioner was a nice touch. Thanks again Mark!

Floating Home

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Habitat for ArtistsThis is an interesting project run by Simon Draper. It’s a funky little tiny house artist community. You can read the whole story on Simon’s website. Here’s a short quote that summarizes the project:

Draper,who has long been working with concepts regarding habitat/shelter in his own art practice will provide each artist with a basic 6 ft. by 6 ft. shed, to be considered as an artist’s habitat/workspace for the duration of the art fair. The artist will inhabit this simple and temporary structure and use the space to create art works or turn the structure into an artwork prior to and during the time of the fair.

Habitat for Artists

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chateau-for-homeless-artistThis is an interesting concept, it’s a Chateau for a Homeless Artist. It’s the brain child of James Westwater and will initially be offered as guest living space in an artist in residency program. It measures 4′ by 4′ but 8′ and provides shelter from the heat of the day and rain. This will require you stretch your imagination to appreciate this out-of-the-box thinking.

Homeless Chateau up and running