Nestled in South/North Park, a gentrified neighborhood, the Art Studio Retreat is on a quarter acre canyon lot which is lovingly maintained with lots of places to read and rest.” – Learn more about this Art Studio Retreat/Rustic Cabin in San Diego.

Artist Studio Shed with Finished Interior by Historic Shed

Very nicely done art studio. Looks perfectly habitable to me! “A recent Historic Shed project was designed for the owner to use as a watercolor painting studio. At 10′x10′, the shed did not require a building permit in the City of St. Petersburg.” via Artist Studio Shed with Finished Interior by Historic Shed | Historic […]

Cottage in a Day

While these professionally manufactured tiny houses are a little on the expensive side they are completely turn-key and can be set-up in a day. They come in a variety of sizes and are build with many green building materials. Cottage in a Day

Sonoma Shanty

Kent Griswold has setup a website dedicated to the Sonoma Shanty. You can buy a kit or finished house from Stephen Marshall at Little House on the Trailer or the plans from Kent at Sonoma Shanty. Kent has posted several larger views of the plans themselves at Sonoma Shanty for those of you that want […]