Tiny Adventure: Update with Pictures

Family of three prepare to move to Alaska with their tiny house in tow. “God had other plans. He wants use to live in a very Tiny house in Alaska. I assume most days that God made me for laughter. I really do. The adventure he has us on.” via Tiny Adventure: Update with Pictures.

Earthbag Timelapse

While I had to mute this video myself (sorry Dragonforce) I did enjoy watching the time lapse construction of this tiny earthbag house. “Watch us build an Earthbag House in Fairbanks, AK! Music by Dragonforce! This time lapse covers two months of building with 2 people.” As you can see the dirt in the middle […]

Tiny Adventure: Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

As this family prepares for the big move to Alaska the challenge of downsizing hits hard. I have for the last several days been attempting to down size all the things that I have. I downsized the kitchen in 20 minutes. It was so quick. Maybe it’s because cooking and I will be forever enemies. […]

Tiny Adventure: The Family!

A family builds a tiny house in preparation for a move to Alaska. “My name is Victoria. I am married to David and am little man’s name is David Jr. We currently live in New Hampshire. In six weeks we will be moving to Alaska!” Read more at Tiny Adventure: The Family!.

The Simple Life in a Yurt

One of my regular readers, EJ, passed this New York Times story onto me. It’s a wonderful simple living lifestyle story of two people starting a family in a remote part of the world. Their home is simple, a Mongolian-style yurt with no running water and a 3 mile walk to the nearest store in […]

Bill’s Tiny House

Bill is building a tiny house based on one of my tiny house designs. You can download the free house plans at Tiny House Design. He’s building the 8×16 Solar House. He posted a bunch of photos of the interior work recently on Facebook and it’s looking great. Eventually Bill plans to move his tiny […]

Tiny Solar House

Bill Brooks is making great progress on his tiny solar house built from the free house plans I offer on Tiny House Design. It’s especially exciting for me to see one of my designs come together. When Bill is done with this house he plans to take it on an extended trip up to Alaska. […]

Bill’s Solar Tiny House

A fellow named Bill is building a tiny solar house from one of the free house plans on Tiny House Design. He’s been making quick progress and intends to travel up to Alaska with the house and stay a little while when it’s complete. Bill’s Solar Tiny House

Alaskan Log Cabin

Here’s a great story about a young couple who buys five acres in Alaska and builds a log cabin with little previous construction experience. The house was made with things found right on the property, for example the countertops came from local rock, the spiral staircase came from local timber, and their toilet seat was […]