SunDog Cob Building Workshop

This looks like an amazing cob building workshop. Love the little building they’ve built. “The SunDog nine day workshop is designed to teach ordinary people the skills to build their own cob cottages, from the foundation to the roof. Our projects are small, most are under 200 square feet, and geared towards attaining a high […]

Making Adobe Bricks the Old Fashion Way

Making adobe bricks is hard work but so simple almost anyone with a strong back can do it with this age old low tech approach. “It is (was) June in the southwestern USA and as is typical it is hot and very dry-what better time to make adobe bricks because they also like it hot […]

Rina Steen’s Adobe House

This is little adobe house in northern New Mexico is a bit bigger than tiny at 700 square feet; but I have a special place in my heart for nice little adobe homes so I wanted to be sure to share it with you this week. Rina Steen’s Adobe House

Living Earth Structures

I always learn new stuff while reading Lloyd Kahn’s blog. This week I spotted this funky little tiny house built by the folks at Living Earth Structures in Petaluma, California. These folks build all sorts of earthen structures including benches, walls, ovens, and houses. They also offer adobe and cob workshops for those who want […]

10 Amazing Earthen Buildings

I’m starting to think that building with earth makes more sense than any other building method.  I must admit I’m terribly biased because my real professional training and education is in the ceramic arts. The main disadvantage is that they are no portable like so many of the tiny houses I write about and explore […]

Adobe Casita

One of my readers on Tiny House Design sent me this very nicely done adobe casita near Abiquiu, New Mexico. Three months out of the year Samuel Grey lives in this tiny house. In a few years this will be his full-time home. Adobe Casita

Michael Thompson’s Rammed Earth Buildings

A few weeks ago I drew up a 3D drawing of Michael Thompson’s rammed earth wall former and posted the drawings on Tiny House Design. He’s now getting more press for his low cost rammed earth homes and small buildings; read the full article in Eastern Daily Press. Read more at Shedworking Learn more about […]

Low-Cost Earthbag Buildings

If you have a subscription to Mother Earth News you probably spotted this cute earthbag building. While it’s small footprint (8-foot diameter) is probably too small to be a tiny house for most people it is an excellent example of how easy an earthbag home could be built.  There are lots of books and plans […]

Ziggy’s Cob House

Ziggy (a.k.a. Brian Liloia) has moved into his cob house at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. His blog is now filled with cob house construction photos and information. The most recent post is on laying his earthen floor. Read more about building a cob house at Ziggy’s blog.

Learn Earthbag Construction

The folks over at the Earthbag Building Blog point out how easy it is to learn a lot about building these inexpensive homes for free online. Taking workshops can be wonderful and give you first hand experience but get started online. Read how at the Earthbag Building Blog.