Love the look of this tiny house kit! Here’s what the company that sells it says: This compact 12 x 12 cabin has an 8 x 12 enclosed space, and is considered to be under 100 sq. ft. by most permitting authorities. The 10 / 12 roof pitch and optional extra height give plenty of […]

30 Foot Pacific Yurt Assembly Video

Have you ever wanted to see how a yurt goes up? Here’s a video from Pacific Yurts. “A slideshow of the construction of our 30′ display model- from the ground up!” via 30 Foot Pacific Yurt Assembly – YouTube.

House Arc

At $55,000 this small structure is more expensive than most people want to spend, but it’s definitely a cool design. “Bellomo Architects, in Palo Alto, wanted to design an IKEA-like house, only easier to put together. Just like the Swedish company’s famous furniture, this 150 square foot modular structure can be flat-packed and delivered in […]

GreenOx Sheds for Tiny Houses

A new prefab shed on the market that might make a good tiny house. This one is only 8×8 but other models are said to be coming soon. This one was spotted at a Lowes in Colorado. “The price for that 8×8 model is $2,800. A bit pricy maybe but a trade off with ease […]

EcoSpace Prefab Home Kits

EcoSpace has developed a modular prefab building system that provides relatively custom small homes from consistent parts. EcoSpace

Geo-Lite Hybrid Yurts

One of my readers, David, tipped me off to these simple prefab yurts made by Geo-Lite Systems. They also sell some very interesting stand-alone home utility systems that combine the bathroom, kitchen, heating, electric power  and waste handling systems. Great find, thanks David. Geo-Lite Hybrid Yurts

Henry’s Place – Tiny House Kit

Bill Kastrinos of Tortoise Shell Home and Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog are teaming up to create and market a simple tiny house kit called Henry’s Place. It’s a 10′ by 12′ panelized structure for quick assembly. The prefabrication should also make this an easier do-it-yourself project. Henry’s Place

Sonoma Shanty

Kent Griswold has setup a website dedicated to the Sonoma Shanty. You can buy a kit or finished house from Stephen Marshall at Little House on the Trailer or the plans from Kent at Sonoma Shanty. Kent has posted several larger views of the plans themselves at Sonoma Shanty for those of you that want […]

Tiny Prefab Geodesic Dome Home

Geodesic domes are an incedibly efficient way of enclosing space. The tiny prefab home pictured here is 160 square feet and made by Easy Domes Ltd. They sell kits and plans from 160 square feet to 1100 square feet. Dome homes are easy to build and tend to be low cost. Learn more about these […]

Sonoma Shanty Prices Announced

Kent Griswold and Stephen Marshall recently announced some pricing on the new Sonoma Shanty tiny house. Their idea is to make tiny houses more attainable and affordable. Do-it-yourselfers would probably prefer a set of plans or a kit. Those wanting more construction experience might want to take their tiny house construction workshop. Other folks might […]

Sonoma Shanty

Kent Griswold and Stephen Marshall have been colaborating on a tiny house solution called the Sonoma Shanty. It’s a simple 8′ by 15′ tiny house that is easy to build and low-cost. Kent will soon be making the plans available for sale through his website and Stephen will be hosting regular full-day workshops where you’ll […]

aerieLOFT – A Prefab Sanctuary

This tiny house has been all over the green blogs this week. The aerieLOFT is a little transparent prefab tiny house that measures 10′ by 11′ and is 17′ tall. They describe it as a fancy tent that will cost about $20,000 in kit form. They will also be making plans available for those who […]

Canadian Bunkies

These are some great little houses that can be built from a kit or plans from a company in Canada called Rangercabins. They are authentic square log timber framed buildings that come in four standard sizes and accomodate a lot of design flexibility so you can tailor the cabin to fit your needs. For more […]