Dual-Use Storage Bench – Excellent Idea for Small Space Living

The base of the new bench, holding my wheat, oats and pinto beans. We’d decided it would be nice to have more seating at the table.  And if that seating could also provide some storage… all the better.” – BabyChaser

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Tiny House Floor Plans by Michael Janzen

How to Create Extra Storage By Building Box Stairs

I know that many tiny houses today don’t have staircases in them because people opt for ladders instead; however, I don’t think ladders are a great option for several reasons. First and foremost, there’s nothing quite like having to climb down a ladder in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Further, as the home’s inhabitants get older, the use of a ladder will likely become more and more difficult. The good news is that a staircase can work in the right size tiny home and the space underneath it can provide for a lot of storage…” – Andrew Morrison

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A Tiny Range for A Tiny House

We cook a lot, so our consumption of gas for cooking fuel is and, without an alternative, will continue to be substantial.  While our tiny woodstove will allow us to relieve ourselves of the “need” for natural gas heating, which here in Burlington is the norm given our connection to a major supply line that comes from far away Alberta, Canada enroute to New York City, another recent find will allow us to eliminate our use of natural gas, propane and electricity for cooking. Enter the Swedish-designed and EU manufactured Origo 6000 Alcohol Range.  Designed primarily for marine applications, this range is specially designed to burn various forms of alcohol.” – Kai

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