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Simple tiny house for sale and located in central New Jersey.

“Passive solar design, completely finished walls inside with low VOC paint, kitchen “area” with refrigerator, chair/pull-put couch, high-value rigid board insulation ( ceiling is double insulated! so it is heats up great in the winter and stays cool in the summer) and comes with the gold standard heater for tiny homes: Newport-Dickinson P900 fireplace propane heater.”

via Unique Four Season East Coast Tiny House on Wheels.

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Here’s an opportunity to buy a larger tiny house from a quality builder.

“Tortoise Shell Home for sale 8′ x 24′. The house includes a separate bedroom, living area, kitchen and a bathroom with a built in shower. It is fully insulated and has dual pane windows.”

Learn more about this Tortoise Shell Home For Sale.

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Stephen Marshall at Little House on the Trailer builds great tiny homes, studios, offices, ADUs, you name it. He usually has some some finished and in-process homes to see at his place in Petaluma, California. This week he has an AROYO (A Room Of Your Own) on sale.

“We currently have a fully finished AROYO with beautiful cedar siding for sale for $14,000 on our lot in Petaluma (regularly $20,000).”

See more about this: ON SALE – AROYO tiny backyard office, art studio.

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I just spotted this on tiny house for sale posted on Tiny House Forum.

“My family and I just built this 20 foot tiny house on wheels and did a 3000 mile road trip with her! We have decided to sell it for $29,000. It has all of the amenities of a high end rv and I am willing to negotiate delivery.”

Learn more about this tiny house on wheels « Tiny House Forum.

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Cozy Cottage for SaleI really like the design of this tiny house. The steep roof and low side walls really give it a cottage look. This one is also for sale and located in Sebastopol, California. The seller is asking $19,900 for it.

Cozy Cottage For Sale

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lusby tumbleweed tiny houseThe post that grabbed my attention most this past week was this story of this nearly complete Tumbleweed Lusby being offered for sale. The seller is asking $38,000 for the tiny house but is throwing in a free piece of land in northern California. The house is on the east coast.

Elaine’s story is one we hear a lot these days… someone who is ready to move on but stuck in a big house they can’t sell. I’m certain the real estate will eventually turn around but it’s still sad to hear that someone has to put their plans on hold until the economy heals itself.

The other part of this story that captured my attention was the offer of free land. The lot is located in a housing development called California Pines. You might remember the infomercials with Eric Estrada describing pristine land for sale and ‘free trips’ for prospective buyers.

But as you begin to peel back the layers of the California Pines onion you can see that there really might be a few good deals up there especially if you want to get away from it all. There are still a few lots on the market and Modoc County seems to be welcoming to owner-builders.

california pines free landThe lot in this offer is apparently buildable, but still needs water and ceptic. Camping is allowed on the property but not year round. So theoretically one could camp in this Lusby tiny house for a good part of the year without breaking any rules. The local codes require that houses be a minimum of 500 square feet so you could eventually build a small house while living in your tiny house and then use the tiny house as a guest room or office.

The only trouble I can see with the place is it’s remote location. California is a big diverse place and this is about as far as you could get from civilization and still call it California. On the upside it’s private and quiet, but don’t expect to find too many jobs in this neck to the woods.

If I wasn’t stuck in my own big house, like Elaine, and had a little more financial flexibility I’d be taking a much more serious look at this tiny house offer myself. But I would definitely do my homework on the transportation costs of moving the the tiny house to California, the buildability of the lot, the status of California Pines and it’s homeowners association, and with Modoc County to determine if there were any red flags for future construction. When the deal looks too good it always pays to do your best due diligence.

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