320 Square Foot Green Home

piecehomes off the grid 320 homeHere is a small factory-built modular two-story home. It was created by Davis Studio Architecture and Design which was founded by Jonathan Davis and Architect Mary Jo Davis. In addition to having been constructed from green building materials it features a photovoltaic solar array, rain water collection system, composting toilet, and can even be secured by closing up all the shuttered openings. Read more about this tiny off-the-grid home.

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  1. I’m privileged to work in tribal areas in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. Our organisation teaches people to farm organically (primarily on a homestead level), and we further assist by setting up commity based cooperatives that buy the surplus production from these farmers at a guaranteed cash price.

    In one of the tribal areas we’re working in, Nositha, I have been communicating with the local chief, with the aim of getting accorded a piece of tribal land for a homestead. I’ve identified my spot, with a magnificent view of the Indian Ocena, and intend to constuct a home that suits a green minded, unattached bachelor like me, with a permaculture garden surrounding it.

    The great thing about the tribal land is that there are no building restrictions or regulations to adhere to, and that there is backup municipal water and electricity that will help to tide things over until the initial construction costs are settled and one can start buying solar panels and sinking boreholes.

    Thank you for the inspiration, you’ve got an awesome website!

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