Tiny Homes by Elvis Summers, house the Homeless

Ever since Elvis Summers’s good deed – building a tiny house for his homeless neighbor Smokie – went viral, his life has been “nothing but chaos.” That one good deed has transformed into his life’s work virtually overnight. “[If] I have to do it singlehandedly ’til it’s done – building one tiny house at a time until there’s no more homelessness – then that’s what I’ll do,” Summers tells PEOPLE. Since raising over $80,000 on GoFundMe, the Los Angeles man has been working seven days a week to build a movement (and of course, more houses). On Monday, he’ll complete a slightly bigger tiny house for a homeless man named Lorenzo and his three dogs.” – People.com

Source: Los Angeles Man Who Built Tiny House for Homeless Neighbor Update

Tiny House Floor Plans by Michael Janzen

Independence via Mortgage Freedom

“Tiny houses exist in sort of a legal gray area, neither explicitly allowed nor expressly forbidden,” says tiny-home owner Jay Austin of Washington. Though the District of Columbia recently banned “camping” in tiny-house-like structures, Austin says he has been told the provision is unenforceable.

Source: Tiny house, big benefits: Freedom from a mortgage – and stuff – Chicago Tribune

Jay Austin's tiny house loft in Washinton DC is just 143 Square feet


This Shipping Container Home is Simple, Practical, & Inexpensive 

This 20 dwelling is fully adaptable to any degree of the spectrum between totally on-the-grid and totally off-the-grid. It integrates a full bathroom with shower, kitchenette, and queen-sized bed into 155 sq. ft. with electricity, hot water, insulation and plumbing. We kept it intermodal, being able to be moved by truck, train, ship, or towed on a trailer (a tiny home). Our prototype for this design was completed in early 2015, and it will be available to rent via Airbnb in the coming months. A fully finished version of this design starts at $25K, depending on building materials, components, appliances, etc.” – SW Living Spaces

Read and see more of this 20′ Shipping Container Dwelling at SW Living Spaces. We’ll report back when this home is available to rent via AirBNB.

Shipping Container Kitchen by SW Living Spaces Shipping Container Bath by SW Living Spaces Shipping Container Loft by SW Living Spaces Shipping Container Interior 2 by SW Living Spaces Shipping Container Interior by SW Living Spaces Shipping Container Home