Knotty Pine Cabins from Alberta Canada

Once they go on sale, the micro-homes will be sold as packaged materials, with assembly required. The company also leaves electrical and plumbing up to the buyer. Depelteau said the prototypes have been designed to stay on the trailer, keeping them easily movable, but noted buyers could also plant their home on the ground if they preferred.” – CBC News

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knotty pine cabins interior alberta canada

Tiny House Floor Plans by Michael Janzen

Scott Brown’s $500 Tiny Home

Some tiny homes available on the market cost more than a standard size home. But thats not the way Scott Brown sees the tiny house movement… Using salvaged materials and a few gifted items — like a sweet woodstove — he built this little home for under $500. The home is only 83 square feet and sits on 20 acres of land that Brown’s friend owns.” – Inhabitat

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