A Place Mork from Ork Would Feel at Home

While all of the Albang units are exactly the same shape, the color of the doors and the interior surfaces help to make each pod unique. Each unit measures approximately 74-square-feet (6.9-square-meters). From the floor plans, it looks to be enough space to comfortably sleep two people.” – Humble Homes

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Tiny House Floor Plans by Michael Janzen

Totally Tubular Arctic Dream House by Richard Carbonnier

His new home includes two bedrooms (one tube each) and a living area. The kitchen lies where the three cylinders converge, and is well lit by a skylight. A compact wood pellet stove will be his main heating source. All his materials cost him about $60,000, and he reckons his design could be built for just over $200,000 if anyone wanted to replicate it.” – Jasmine Budak

House designed and built by Architect Richard Carbonnier. Read more about this Arctic Dream House: A Totally Tubular Design by Jasmine Budak. See some construction photos at OpenBuildings. Photo by Mike Anderson via Cabin Porn™.

Life in a Tiny House for a Family of Three

We’ve been living in our tiny trailer house for nearly a year now (Since December 2013) and we love it. One of the most wonderful things has been seeing our home evolve to suit our changing needs and the addition of our precious baby, Hazel. We’re amazed at how well our tiny house works for us as a family of 3.” – Shaye at DIY House Building

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tinyhouse-4 tinyhouse-34 tinyhouse-17