Ron Douglas, Dream Tiny

[Ron] Douglas has been a home builder for 40 years but after surviving surgery, he returned to work by building in a tiny, sustainable way. The house, called Dream Tiny, has an exterior of cedar-beveled tight knot on 2×4 framing. The interior is channel cedar and, like the exterior, it was kiln dried to reduce wood shrinking or movement.” -

Read the story Everything you need is within reach Labor Day Weekend: A tiny house and beer. Below an under construction peek inside. Photos by Ron Douglas via

Dream Tiny by Ron Douglas - Inside


One Way to Make Concrete Counter Tops

Here’s one way to make a small concrete countertop. While it may be preferable to pour larger countertops in place – this would work nicely for a tiny house.

I built plexiglass forms in order to get a totally smooth finish in the easiest and cheapest way.” – Off Grid Build

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